Call for Abstract

Deadline Dec 27th 2015

For the first SOSORT-IRSSD joint meeting, we invite abstract submission summarizing research where results are presented including: clinical research, case studies, experimental research, systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses.

Abstract submitted should include final results.

Studies where results are not included will be considered incomplete.

Submissions will be accepted for either an oral or poster presentation.


  1. Abstract must be original, and not have been published or presented at any other open meeting or congress prior to SOSORT-IRSSD 2016.
  2. During the submission you will be invited to choose a scientific topic for your abstract.

    • Etiology and pathogenesis
    • Conservative treatment: Screening, assessment and outcomes
    • Surgical treatment: Screening, assessment and outcomes
    • Imaging
    • Quality of life
  3. Abstract must be written in English, and must include text content for each of the abstract headers (Introduction, Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusions and Significance). The title is not included in the abstract text but should be concise and not exceed 300 characters. The body of the abstract text must NOT exceed 3000 characters and include the following sections.
    Title: The title should be concise and typed in bold using upper case.
    Authors and Institutions: All responsible authors should be listed in full names in order of a primary author and co-authors.
    The degree and position of the authors are not required.
    Clearly identify the corresponding and presenting author.
    Introduction: Provide the background as rationale for the study objective.
    Objective(s): State the main objective of the study or hypothesis tested.
    Method(s): Briefly describe the design of the study, participants and how the study was conducted. State the analysis used.
    Result(s) and Discussions: Present the main result(s) and their implication with respect to the scientific topic.
    Conclusion(s) and significance: State the conclusion(s) that is(are) directly supported by the results. State the significance and relevance of the findings.
  4. Tables and figures should NOT be included in the abstract.
  5. After previewing your abstract and pressing the submit button you will get web page text confirming that your abstract was submitted successfully. You will not get a confirmation email. If you do not get the web page text confirming that your abstract was submitted successfully please resubmit.
  6. Authors will be notified whether abstracts have been accepted for presentation or not by February 26th 2016. The notification will be acknowledged by e-mail. If the abstract is accepted, the corresponding authors will be informed whether they are to present the abstract as an oral or as a poster.
  7. If an abstract is accepted, one of the authors must attend SOSORT-IRSSD 2016 conference in Banff, and present it in person. The presenting author of an accepted abstract must register and pay the registration fee. A maximum of 3 oral presentations per registrant will be allowed. There is no limit of the number of submission for poster presentations. Please note if the registration fee has not been received by March 15th 2016, the abstract will not be published.
  8. Details concerning the time for oral presentations and for poster sizes will be presented in the letter of acceptance.
  9. DEADLINE for receipt of abstracts: December 27th 2015.
  10. EVALUATION: Five subcommittees will study submitted abstracts.

Abstract Submission Form