Useful Information

Welcome to Banff sign
Photo by Henryk Sadura


The Canadian Dollar is Canada’s standard currency. For up to date exchange rate information, please visit:

Credit cards

Major credit cards are widely accepted in Canada. You may wish to inquire with your credit card provider regarding fees for international usage.

Debit cards from other countries are generally accepted at most establishments, and can be used to withdraw Canadian Dollars at ATM machines. These machines will charge fees that can vary between financial institutions. We encourage you to check with your financial institution before departing.

More tips on using credit cards in Canada


Canada’s standard electrical supply is 110 Volts and 60 Hertz (cycles per second). While this is the same for travelers from the United States, those arriving from other countries will need to purchase a power converter in order to charge and use plugged-in electronic devices.

Please check out for details on power converters.


Banff enjoys mild dry weather in Late May, with highs between 16°C and 30°C, and a lows between 11°C and 20°C. See for up to date weather updates.